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The Future Of AI Chatbot Solutions

Innovative communication technology designed to bridge the gap between business and consumer.

24/7 Support (even while you're sleeping or on the golf course)

Titan uses the phrase "Always Available" to convey its round-the-clock assistance, ensuring users have a sense of reliability and convenience.

Instant Answers in under 3 seconds in over 96 languages

Titan enhances user experience by promoting AI's quick responses through "Get Answers Instantly," promoting efficient engagement and quick solutions.

Personalized Assistance with a personality to match your brand

The AI's personalized support, recognizing and catering to each visitor's unique needs, significantly enhances the user experience and adds value.

Scrapes and Learns Your Website Data , Providing Effortless Communication 

Titan's feature enhances user interaction with AI, promoting a natural and effortless process, fostering confidence and a pleasant experience for visitors.


We’re changing the way the world thinks about communication.​ We aim to provide businesses with a user friendly interface to revolutionise how they manage customer engagement.

Automated engagement using the latest AI technology

TITAN is our AI bot that is capable of having fully automated conversations with visitors who want to know more about your business. TITAN is able to fully digest and understand all information related to your business including products, staff, location, services, etc. As a result of this ability our bot will be able to handle all queries and conversations for your business so you have more time to focus on your business. 

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Fully integrates with your website and social media platforms

Whether you get the most customer engagement through your Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook or Website TITAN has you covered. Our bot is able to automate customer conversations on all of your social media platforms allowing for fast and reliable cover on all social fronts.

Tailor made to fit your business needs

TITAN is fully customisable when it comes to personality, focus and engagement. Whether you want a friendly conversation with a focus on product specifications or a more serious conversation focused on services, our bot is able to meet any conversation style and focus that will best suite the needs of your business. 

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A different approach to meeting and exceeding expectations of customer engagement.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create an experience that both you and your customers will love and fully immerse yourselves in by providing excellence in our work. Our expectation is to exceed your expectations. 

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